Connecting Water Sports

to your


Water Bikes

Add a water bike to your yacht watersports for a fun way to enjoy fitness and exploring.

Schiller Water Bikes offer manual pedaling for an even better fitness session on the water.

All our water bikes are designed with safety in mind for your superyacht water sports experience.

Wake Boards

Wakeboards are some of the most popular watersports requested by yacht guests. As they glide across the water and push the limits of catching air, the experience is nothing short of exhilaration. Select from a variety of sizes and designs for the novice to expert offering high quality performance.

We offer superyacht tenders to make wakeboarding accessible.


Windsurfing Watersports

The exciting watersport of windsurfing is the perfect combination of surfing and sailing powered by wind in your sail.

We offer complete windsurfing packages, boards, and sails in a variety of sizes, designs, and materials for versatility, tough durability, and maneuverability.


Add fast action, and, for the accomplished kiteboarder, aerial acrobatics, to watersports aboard your yacht. Kiteboards provide the ability to pivot on a small axis of rotation providing quick and easy turning, intuitive steering, and predictable power development.

We offer complete kiteboarding packages in a variety of styles for a various levels of riders.



Stand-up paddleboards (SUP) offer something for everyone aboard your yacht. We offer dozens of different designs manufactured with a variety of materials for a wide range of riders. Choose from inflatable, racing, touring, fitness, yoga, crossovers, and foilers that provide perfect balance and stability.

Purchase complete SUP packages or individual components for your yacht's watersports activities.

Hobie Kayaks

Kayaks are versatile crafts for watersports. Various models offer all the options needed for exploring, fitness, fishing, or even sailing.  Choose from standard kayak sizes and designs such as:

  • single and tandem standard paddles
  • "mirage drive" with glide pedal technology
  • sail kayaks
  • stand up glide tech with handlebars.


Inflatable towable water toys offer a delightful experience for every age and rider type. From simple cruising and lounging in comfort to extreme watersports challenge for single riders and multiple riders.

We offer towable water toys manufactured using heavy duty PVC bladders with super tough nylon covers.