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Wave Marine Mooring Remote

The Wave Marine Mooring Remote puts the ability to take your boat in and out of the marina with ease in the palm of your hand. Safety is improved as the operator has full vision around the boat and the marina.

The user-friendly wireless yacht mooring remote enables safe, easy mooring of superyachts with limited or no crew. With complete vision and wireless control of the boat it really makes birthing and anchoring fun!


Most Advanced Mooring Remote Control

The mooring remote is manufactured by IMET/Wave Marine with over 30 years of commercial grade marine experience. The IMET/Wave Marine Mooring remote is the most advanced control and remote connections system available on the market. The design for each wireless remote is customized to its vessel to control engines, thrusters, and anchor.

Additional controls available such as swim platform, garage doors, sunroof, passerelle, or anything electric or hydraulic. The remote has an option for a backlit panel for nighttime operation.

IMET/Wave Marine Safety Features

This mooring remote sets a new industry standard:

  • 150m range = from small to large superyachts
  • Harnessed by Westport, recently installed on Sanlorenzo and Princess yachts, incorporating over 30 years of IMET technology
  • 16 channels = failsafe connection
  • LED backlit upgrade = night time mooring confidence
  • German and Austrian parts – zero Chinese components
  • Communicates with interface and relays confirmation - not just sending a signal = security/safety
  • Thermal stability, manufactured to RoHS standards, ensures maximum mechanical performance = no environment too harsh
  • Stop button activates the corresponding circuit on the receiver, resetting commands to safety status = total control

Install the IMET/Wave Marine Mooring Remote On Your Yacht

Installing the IMET/Wave Marine Mooring Remote onto your yacht gives you secure wireless control of 2 engines, bow and stern thrusters, and anchor. Secondary options you can add: stern garage, hi-lo platform, second anchor, horn, sunroof, davits.

Larger custom-built remotes can control many more electric or hydraulic operations.

Anything is possible with the Wave Marine remote control.

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