Connecting Submersibles

to your

Connecting Submersibles

to your

triton personal submersible


Superyacht submarines by Triton are designed, tested, and certified to rigorous safety standards. Each personal submersible is built from the finest materials, and can be customized from conception to commission.

Intuitive, efficient, and luxurious, Triton submersibles are engineered to perform and designed to excite.

U-Boat Worx

Superyacht-friendly, high-tech, and ultra-safe U-Boat Worx private submarines are diverse. We offer a wide range of submersible models for private use and pleasure or for the serious explorer with professional aspirations. 

No matter your use of the U-Boat Worx, your underwater limousine will not disappoint. Each model offers unimpeded views, easy-to-master controls, and confident exploration of the underwater mysteries of the sea.

U-boat worx submersible for mega yacht entertainment underwater
deepflight dragon personal submarine is the ultimate superyacht toy

Deep Flight Dragon

A new class of personal submarine, Deepflight has redesigned personal submarines making underwater exploration easy, safe and exciting like flying a plane underwater. Deepflight subs are designed for reliability, integrated launch, recovery and transport.


The Seabreacher turns recreational boating on its axis...well, 3 axes to be exact, as the vessel operates like an aircraft with full three-axis control allowing the vehicle to carve left, right, jump over, dive under, and cut through the waves.

Each Seabreacher submersible personal watercraft is hand built to the individual client's needs and desires. Available in a variety of creative, head-turning colorful designs from killer whale to shark to dolphin and even marlin.

innespace Seabreacher submersible personal watercraft in Colorful Sailfish design
seabob scooter is a personal submersible that makes snorkeling more fun and exciting


The Seabob enables swimmers, snorkelers, and divers to leisurely glide across and under the water. The powerful and quiet electric propulsion offers fun, sporty driving or relaxing cruising. Move through the water like a fish both on the surface and at depths.

The Seabob is electric powered providing almost-silent high speed excitement.

Sea Scooters

Sea scooters make recreational SCUBA dives or snorkeling effortless. They are also fun for just taking a smooth ride for pleasure.

Lightweight at 14 lbs (6.2kg) with a 300-watt battery, the Seadoo sea scooters propel up to 4.35 mph (7 kph) and depths of up to 100 feet (30 m). Choose from a variety of colors, designs, and options to suit every need.

Sea-Doo Pro Sea Scooter
remotely operated submarine drone

Underwater Drones

iBubble drone technology gives you the power to explore the oceans' depths without having to go in the water. With your own underwater drone, you do not have to be a deep sea diver to observe the sea life and sea floor formations found far below.

Underwater drones offer unique experiences for the serious diver, wanna-be explorer, or the family. Hours of fun watching through virtual reality, underwater adventure is now at your fingertips.