Connecting Custom Mooring Systems

to your

Custom Transom Fenders

Custom transom fenders are an integral part of your yacht's custom mooring system. Foam-filled core wrapped in Hypalon to provide protection to paint, transoms, and swim platforms from jet skis, tenders, and other watersports toys.

Each fender order offers a custom fit and is designed for high performance and rigidity using superior marine grade manufacturing.


Inflatable Fenders

Hot-air welded inflatable fenders are lightweight, easily inflated, and stowed to manage space on board. Designed for serious marine duty. Performance manufactured with the highest grade of materials.

Boarding Platforms

Custom-designed highly durable boarding platforms assist with boarding on and off the yacht as well as provide protection to paint, transoms, and swim platforms.

Platforms are constructed from foam-filled core wrapped in Hypalon. The platforms are easy to manage and engineered for high performance and rigidity.


Solid Core Fenders

Manufactured and customized to the highest standards in a variety of sizes. Marine grade quality and sought after options for superyachts to protect transoms and swim platforms from scuffing, scratched paint of potential dings during high seas or swell.

Mooring Whips

The specially designed, heavy duty, solid fiberglass rods, mounted in super strong ALMAG 35 aluminum bases, pull your boat away from the dock by applying continuous variable pressure between your boat and dock, while spring lines keep your boat from moving out of position. Mooring Whips give you more protection for your boat and make docking and mooring easy, convenient and safe.



Fender Hooks

Using only the finest materials using protective inside covers protecting varnished painted or pipe rail surface areas. Standard sizes are available by design if customization is not needed. Offered in black or brown finish with aluminum core structures.

Fender Covers

Neoprene or acrylic, inflatable or solid core inflatable covers come in a variety of colors, help protect superyacht surfaces from potential damaging contact.


Chafe Gear

Available in a variety of heavy duty line gauge, nylon constructed to meet appropriate needed sizes, creating a protective wrap on lines and line eyes.