Connecting Powered Water Toys

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The point of powered water toys is exhilarating fun. Electric jet boards are some of the most popular. Our Radinn, Onean, and Lampuga battery-powered and motorized surf and wakeboards cruise at high speed on water.

They are powerful and environmentally friendly. These self-powered boards are easy to use, quick to ride, and agile. They deliver the excitement you crave.

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JetSurf Motorized Surfboards

With speeds up to 35 mph (57 kmh) the JetSurf is designed with a carbon fiber hull and powered by a 17-HP two-stroke engine. The total weight is 33 lbs (15 kg) with four models to choose from.

JetSurf boards are some of the most popular extreme water toys as they can be enjoyed by new beginners and those serious about water sports.

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Hydroflyer Flyride/Jetpack

Ultimate water toys for beginners while still offering exhilarating thrills for extreme riders. Intelligent flight control, designed to be accessible to all skill levels combining familiar form and controls of a personal watercraft.


Hydroflyer Flyboard & Hoverboard

These are the cool superyacht toys everyone is talking about! Designed to provide superior control with precision maneuverability in and above the water.

The Flyboard and Hoverboard are engineered to deliver fun novice or expert riders.

Sea-Doo Jet Skis

With several designs and colors to choose from, the Seadoo comes with a three year warranty and can seat up to three riders with engines that start at 60 hp. Fun to ride and easy to handle.


Yamaha Wave Runners

Whether you are into performance racing or offer light-use recreation for first time riders, Yamaha Wave Runners offer the perfect fit for any experience. The world's first sit down personal watercraft since 1986. Yamaha products exceed expectations known for fun.

Stand Up Jet Skis

Stand up jet skis are designed for one rider to accelerate for performance and exhilaration. Richter and Yamaha lead the industry with superior performance with a variety of options to exceed expectations.


Can-Am Spyder

Can-Am Spyders are designed for a unique driving experience ashore. With 3 wheels, the are more stable than a motorcycle, delivering a confident ride. With the luxury driver in mind, the 3-seater Spyder is open to the life around you and always open for what’s ahead. 

The Can-Am Spyder is surprisingly easy to learn to drive. The three wheeler has three cylinders, 305 HP, and 96 lbs of torque. Your Can Am Spyder awaits.

Gocycle Folding Electric Bike

Gocycle is a folding electric bicycle manufactured by Karbon Kinetics Limited, a company founded in 2002 by Richard Thorpe, a former industrial designer at the McLaren racing car company. 

These convenient electric bicycles are increasingly popular with crew and a practical way for guests to cruise and explore ashore. Lightweight, foldable, compact, and quick. Select from a variety of colors and options.




Ranging from 23 to 69hp, single or double riders, if you are eager for sport or to be used as a utility ATVs can be very useful to have on your superyacht. Run the island on the beach or street.

Air Drones

Flying drones are the latest tech toys used to explore, take photos and videos from the air, land or water. Create memories or your own virtual reality experience.

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